A guy.

I’m Aaron. I’m a writer and magazine editor. If you’re familiar with my work, it’s likely from the years I spent editing RELEVANT magazine or from reading my writing here and there. You may be here, too, because you follow my podcast. If you don’t yet, well, 👇

The reason I do this newsletter, at least in part, is to share with you what I’m thinking, reading, writing, and what’s going on with my podcast. Because I’m off social media, and I don’t miss it. But I do miss the exchange of ideas and recommendations with people like you.

For me, this is about the work of words. Not curation or tastemaking or whatever. Instead, I want to show you a little of my work and thought processes in hopes we can engage it together — without subjecting either of us to the outrage and pompery of Twitter feeds.

About every other week, or so, when my newsletter lands in your inbox, you can expect excerpts and links to any recent work, updates on projects (maybe some more excerpts, too), thoughts on what I’m reading or doing, and, you know, anything else I find interesting.

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